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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lesson101 Overview

This is dedicated to my niece Ke Yun. I plan to create a series of Internet lesson to bring her into the best the world ever give us... .INTERNET.

There are 3 key lessons planned
  1. Communication
  2. Collaboration
  3. Search

With these 3 skillsets, she will start her journey with ease, hopefully :)

Welcome to Internet World!!

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Parents who are new to Internet world...read this

This blog is dedicated to my dear 3rd sister. She is ready to venture into Internet World with her new notebook this year. Since She is not aware to many things about PC & Internet, I think it is better for me to provide her some basic guide for a good start. Internet is like a tropical jungle there, without a good "guide", people will get lost and may get engulf into different troubles. :)

About PC, here are the links to provide you the info
  1. PC Basic

  2. Computer Software Basic by Wikipedia.com
About Internet, here are the links will get you started

  1. Internet 1o1 : This site show you how the Internet works. Show you where to get great software, reveal secrets of search engines and have your questions answered and problems solved. It claims to be the world’s most popular guide to the Internet and currently read in 96 countries! Must read.

  2. Parents Guide to the Internet: This booklet is designed by US Department of Education to provide parents with basic information about how to use the computer to find information and communicate with others in Internet. A bit old but never outdated :)

  3. A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety by US FBI. If FBI can't provide u with the best tips, who else? Maybe should go through this together with your children.

  4. Internet safety: What parents need to know: Some key information to be safe at Internet by MSNBC.com. But, it seems that not much detail on "how-to". If u really want to follow all the steps, let me know, I can provide the detail "how-to" like which/how spyware & anti-virus application to install.

  5. Child Safety on the Information Highway by safekids.com

  6. Google's Tips for Online Safety : must read bec this is prepared by Our Internet Juggernaut. The SafeSearch feature is good but remember, if u know it, so do your children. :)
I call this Parent101 v1.0. Enjoy!
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