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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lesson101: Internet Communication

There are many ways to "Communicate" in INTERNET world. PC2PC Chat through Text, Voice & Video is a very common way for people to talk. Even easier with many free services out there now for you to choose from. You also can communicate with non PC user like those having PDA, Smartphone or even normal phone via SMS/MMS. I have listed a few links for you to try out. Finally, it is the HOT social networking services that you can hook on to showcase yourself or your product/service at ZERO cost. You can even build your fan/customer base if your content has substance or is of hot/trendy topics. Have fun!


  1. Microsoft Live Messenger: : It is more than just chating with messenger now, you can play games, exchange pictures, send SMS with a fee of course and many more. I am not a Pro Microsoft and Messenger person, but believe having an option of synch up with your office work via MS Outlook Connector & Office Live Add-in applicaitons are worth trying out. Now, click the Sign-in at top right corner of page!

  2. Yahoo's Messenger: Impressive long list of features for window user; Instant Messaging(IM), PC2PC call, PC2Phone call, Phone-In, SMS, Live Video, IM Conferecing, File transfer, and more fun & personalization features that you will love to try out. Most importantly, it supports iPHONE which is good news for wireless users.

  3. Google Talk: Provide key services of instant messaging, PC2PC voice call and video call & file transfer. Conquer the world with its internet search technology and now turning into mega internet service provider. A great company which has high chance to crash Microsoft in OS & Office Application monopoly for decade.... pretty soon. You can expect it will link up all its related services and may still able to keep it free (I hope) for you.

  4. Skype: It serves you with features like free calls, video calls and instant messaging over the internet. Plus great value calls to phones anywhere in the world. Skype is what I use normally, the best part of it is that it is strongly supported by 3rd party applications(many are free too) that make your PC a super personal communication center. It allows you to extend for real businees communication & collaboration work also with a fee. It is a 5 star rating for me due to a strong 3rd party application extension support and it never fails me.

Mobile Communication Service (Malaysia specific)

  1. Maxis Free webSMS: Hotlink customers will be entitled to 3 free SMS per day. It attempts to provide "real time" PC2Phone SMS service but may not so if it is peak time. Anyway, this free service is not enough for heavy SMS user... you will have to pay ultimately.... :)

  2. Malaysia SMS gateway: This is a pay service SMS site but of course cheaper than using phone and it has broadcasting feature useful for real business marketing purpose. It used to be providing free SMS service but shutdown recently.... hope it will reopen so common people like us can benefit from it.

  3. Celcom - does not able to find this service... let me know if u are Celcom customer and accessing this service now...

  4. Digi - it seems they offer it with 3 free SMS/day online too. But, u need to be Digi customer in order to log in to get the service. Try and let me know. Anyway, I do find this MobiGreets service from Digi. You can customize online MMS greeting card to send out http://www.billadam.com/productservices3.html Let me know if this is good...

  5. There are many more commercial SMS gateway... you can google it easily. I will not dup this work here then. I believe there are also many media center providers to allow you to access MMS service online.

      Self Expression/Communication

      1. Blogging: You can Tell your story to the world via favourite blogging sites like http://www.blogger.com/ & http://www.wordpress.com/. They are FREE and simple to use. Just make sure you choose the right topic/theme that you can continue talk about and draw crowd/fan to it. That in fact is the real challenge! Also, check out this TOP 10 recommendations http://speckyboy.com/2008/02/03/top-10-free-blogging-platforms-features-for-web-designers/ for other blogging sites. If your story is a common one (like politic, global warming, education, etc), there may be a blogging site fully devote to that topic, then it makes sense for you to be part of the member there to leverage of the site advertising effort. Also, remember that if u need some free advertisement, ride on some mega sites or news sites which host blogging service too. High chance of getting eye ball than doing it alone. Good luck!
      2. You can create your own Hollyhood movie now. You just need to upload your master piece via http://www.youtube.com/ and bingo, you are ready to communicate your idea, your product, your philosophy, your service and anything under the sky to the world. But beware that someone is watching you... over exposing yourself may invite trouble from internet bad guys. Think twice before starting it ...
      3. Twittering: This is the new kid on the block. It is like SMS in wireless world. Mini blogging if you like to call it. Everyone is crazy about it now. 1 more alternative for you to communicate about yourself, your idea, your P&S.....

      That is for the 1st version 13 Dec 2009. Will come back for new update 2010. Enjoy!

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