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Saturday, May 17, 2008

MyIEVision Training Roadmap

I can't wait any longer to share my detail plan with you.
Basically, I can break the whole training program into 3 stages.

  1. Theory Trainings - How does PC/Internet work? What are these Internet terminology (VoIP, Email, Chat, IM, SMS, XML/HTML, Conferencing, Server/Client, 3D, Virtual World, etc) mean? What are Hot now in Internet World?, Etc.
  2. Practical Trainings - Use Free/Open Source Internet Tools/Services available to achieve Content Generation, Communication & Collaboration learning objectives. Teacher can work with School to setup their own server or DIY.
  3. Train the Trainer - Select teacher volunteer to be next batch of trainers for other teachers. This will leap frog the training program to achieve 100,000 teacher trained goal.

The teacher needs to be equipped with 1 PC/Notebook + Web Cam installed. That is all they need to catch this Internet Learning train :)

I would like to listen to teachers on their opinion of this training program. Is this make sense to you? What else do you need? Feel free to comment.

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