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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Introducing Intel Education Initiative (IEI)

Intel Education Initiative site brings you very rich technology teaching techniques & resources that you can deploy in your school. I have compiled the site info into presentation slide so that I can share this with teachers when needed. It is a definitely a great site to start with for any school. The material suits students from Primary to Secondary and even into University.

I just want to draw your attention to some of the highlights of teaching materials/methods that deserved your attention, for now.

(1) Thinking tools designed for teachers to use are Visual Ranking (Identify and refine criteria for assigning ranking to a list; and then debate differences, reach consensus, and organize ideas), Seeing Reason (Investigate relationships in complex systems, creating maps that communicate understanding) and Showing Evidence (Construct well-reasoned arguments that are supported by evidence, using a visual framework). These tools lure students of all ages into thinking odyssey when participating in activities that require ranking choices, reasoning with cause and effect mindset and arguing with facts/data. You only need to adjust your topic/theme relevant and suitable to each age groups and the tool is there ready for you and your students. Most importantly, Intel has compiled a good set of examples to kick start your teaching journey.

(2) You will be spoilt with excellent 21st century teaching resources to use like "Designing Effective Projects", "An Innovation Odyssey (contains more than 350 stories of technology enriched projects from classrooms around the world) and "It's a Wild Ride" (an interdisciplinary project uses roller coaster design to engage students in math, science, and language arts).

(3) As a teacher you also find these student learning resources are useful to make you technology literate:
Technology Literacy ›Cultivate technology literacy and digital citizenship for students ages 11-15 with learning that is active, creative, exploratory, and collaborative.
Design and Discovery ›Interest youth in design and engineering with this free curriculum; it provides a hands-on, inquiry-based experience with identifying and designing creative solutions to everyday problems.
The Journey InsideSM ›Take an interactive journey to learn about what is inside your computer.
The Intel manufacturing process ›Resources for your students to learn about the science and process behind the microchips we use every day.
skoool* ›Media-rich resources free to students and teachers in Ireland, the UK, Sweden, Thailand, and Turkey, emphasizing math and science.

(4) Science & Math : It is a must try for teachers specializing in these subjects. Design Squad: An Intel sponsored PBS reality series for kids, parents, and educators. Discover how you can share your real-life excitement of engineering with your community through this program. Design and Discovery: A free curriculum that provides students with a hands-on, inquiry-based experience with identifying and designing creative solutions to everyday problems. Skoool.com : A free online resource designed to help secondary-level students understand and explore key science and mathematics concepts.

If you are still not convinced of the extensiveness of Intel commitment and contribution into education for the world. Check out Higher Education Program & Community Education too.

That's it. Have fun and remember to support Intel by buying their products :) :)

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