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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Malaysia MOE is deploying Intel Teach Programme

Based on 24 Nov 2008 Star newspaper news, Intel Teach programme was introduced in Malaysia in 2000, about 50,000 local teachers have been trained under this programme todate. Since 2005, MOE has been working with companies like Intel to help provide training and equipment to teachers and schools. Intel is hoping that this programme will help teachers enhance their educating skills by integrating technology into their lesson plan. Teachers are taught how to engage their students more effectively and to help them develop creative and critical thinking skills. This is achieved through project-based and problem-based approaches with the help of technology.

The only concern after reading this news is that after 8 years of rolling out this programme, how successful has this programme been implemented so far? MOE has not provided any detail info/result of this programme at all. I do not hear any of such programmes roll out in schools in Penang either. Maybe only for selected few and do it quietly. :) If we are talking about creative and critical thinking skills, it has to be extensive, involve all schools and must start from young.

Anyway, this pretty inline with what I intend to do for Malaysia. I may have to find out how I can help to fill the remaining gap from Intel contact then. Stay tuned... I will be back!

For detail, please read Star news.
For detail, please read Intel Teach programme

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