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Monday, September 21, 2009

Entrepreneurial worker for 21st Century

I am taking this Hari Raya holidays to re-read my favorite Management book of "The Essential Drucker". One interesteing topic that I would like to bring up for discussion is about Entrepreneurial workers in 21st century defined by Drucker. It is amazing that he has started talking about Entrepreneurial Worker (after Knowledge Worker) during 2001 time frame. Knowledge worker is the one who works primarily with information or one who develops and uses knowledge in the workplace. Specialization is the key attribute. Here is a good intro about Knowledge Worker for your reading pleasure. Whereas the Enterpreneurial worker is about one who having the ability to re-learn new skill/knowledge every 5-10 years.

I believe Malaysia Education ministry is matching towards building knowledge workforce but will realize the skillsets are obsolete and irrelevant by the time it is fully rolled out (2010-Developed Nation Vision?). In fact, current curriculum is still exam oriented with a small flavor of IT learning (limit to searching info via Internet for school project & learning PC tools usage only). It is even far from achieving Knowledge society! Knowledge society is like 20th century kind of buzz word but we need to prepare our next generation to face the challenge in 21st century. I believe that Entrepreneurial workforce wave is already arriving now. Internet & Mobile/Wireless & Electronic Appliance trends/technologies are driving the change faster than we can imagine. We should super charge our education curriculum to Entrepreneurial Education instead of still aiming at Knowledge Education. School is no more for kid & young children, it should open for adults too.

Imagine what will happen to our country when we are running out of lucrative income of Nature Oil and we are low productivity on Agriculture due to primitive Techniques and Methods. Imagine further with a workforce that are not able to re-learn and use new skills/knowledge to survive. Yeah, you see the BIG picture now. So, my dear Education Minister, pls work hard and make a bold change for a better next generation future now. Yes, NOW.

To role model, I will start changing my Internet Education for school student plan to encapsule the re-learning principle. For a start, I just need to change my site catchy theme to LRL Learn to Re-Learn. :)

Have a nice Hari Raya Holidays!!

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